zoneSCOPE - M2Port 2014

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- Flexible Zone and Color Analyser

- Contrast evaluation by Adam Ansel‘s Zone System
- Luminance, Hue and Saturation (YUV or YCbCr) for two different areas
- Reference bars
- Natural Skintone Reference bars


- RGB Parade combined with Vector Scopes
- Adam Ansel Zone vs Position (Waveform Monitor)
- Hue vs Adam Ansel Zone combined with Hue vs Saturation
- Zone vs Saturation combined with Zone vs Hue
- Zone vs Saturation combined with Zone vs Hue for Skintones

- Runs on Windows platforms as stand-alone solution
- Interplays with Photo Viewers, Video Players, Internet Browsers,
  Photo Editors, Video Editors, Color Grading Tools and Effect Tools.
- Capable to compare with reference graphs
- Stays always on top
- Can be combined with other scopes or histograms
- Control by customized shortcut keys and mouse wipes
- Multiple analysis by cloning
- Fast due to multithreading

v0.42beta update is out


displays luminance and chrominance
values while you are grading

B) Reference Database
database for color references. Useful for
memory colors and scene matching.

C) Settings Dialog
properties for color analysis

D) About Dialog
preset of shortcut keys, link to internet, manual

E) Minimized Window
stays on top and waits to be dropped down


displays luminance and chrom-
inance graphs while you are grading

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